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How we help businesses attract more clients


We’ve just done a review of website performance for our clients in 2014, and the results are in.


Every month we provide our managed web marketing clients a report that shows key performance statistics such as; number of web visitors, traffic originating from search engines, and search engine rankings (amongst others).


What is interesting is that when you collate all this data, you can analyse trends for our entire marketing client base, and measure exactly how well (or badly) we are performing for our clients year over year.


When analysing 2014 vs 2013, what we discovered was that we helped all our clients increase website traffic by 33% (on average).


When you consider we are dealing with established players in established markets, this is not a bad result.


How is this achieved, you might ask?


We like to say there is no one thing. Some clients needs help with search engine rankings. Some need help with email marketing. Whilst others just need help keeping websites up to date (one of the most important factors in attracting visitors to your website is keeping your site current and relevant).


But what is really interesting is these statistic that came to light.


  • Traffic from search engines: Increased 68%
  • Percentage of all traffic coming from search engines: 82%


So whilst we say that there is no one thing that will help all clients with the business objectives. What we can be sure of is that Search Engine Optimisation is really important in boosting visitors to your website.


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Photo credit: FutUndBeidl